Multiple exited founder of machine learning startups; HealthMode for clinical trials, Merlon for Anti-Money Laundering, Prismatic for newsfeed personalization, and Flightcaster for commercial flight prediction. I’ve also worked on cyber insurance, residential real estate appraisal, and lending.

Multiple partner roles starting VCs; Partner at Pronomos investing in competitive governance, Founding partner at DCVC investing in machine learning and deep tech.

Founder of two startup studios; Two Lions incubates SaaS startups, CEAi was a machine learning focused studio operating primarily out of Central Europe.

I write about building startups, personal development, and learning from history. Topics include early stage sales and marketing, building remarkable teams, product development, engineering management, personal productivity systems and hacks, mental health and growth psychology, and history of economics and empire.

Outside work I’m a daddy, runner and outdoor enthusiast, dancer and nightlife aficionado, punk homesteader, animal lover, fashionista, and foodie.

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