Scaling Engineering Teams With Distributed Ownership

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After 20 years leading engineering, product, and as CEO, and nearly 15 years working in the bay area with the best engineering leaders in the world, I’ve come to appreciate how quickly management culture has evolved in the past decade, and how little has been written about the operating details of practical modern engineering management. This post tries to shed some light on basic roles, responsibilities, and practices on a modern engineering team with distributed responsibilities, and is hopefully especially helpful to all those right now learning how to work in a more distributed and remote setting during the COVID19 crisis.  The content has benefited from review and input from more than ten of the best folks I’ve encountered over the years who currently own large chunks or all of engineering at places like Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and fast growing startups, all thanked at the end of the post.

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Cracking the Crux of the Mortgage Market

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Mortgage banking is a huge market, but it’s been a notoriously bad market for startups. Late-funnel-high-intent keywords for real estate are among the most lucrative and efficient in online ads. So the only real way to build a great business is to find a more cost effective way to scale acquisition. One approach is to go earlier in the funnel, where there may be more inefficiency in indirect intent, and try to build products that solve problems earlier in the home buying process.

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